The 15th CCCE Days held on 17-19th of June were very active for Gark Konzalting employees.

Considering that last year, due to the epidemiological situation, CCCE Days were held online, our Kruno received its KOLOS award a year later, but the wait made the satisfaction even greater. Kruno received the award in the category of construction organization for managing the Pical project in Poreč.

Before receiving KOLOS, Kruno together with prof. Josip Atalić gave a lecture on the topic of founding the association HCPI - intervention service.
Based on the experiences from two major earthquakes in Zagreb and Petrinja, an initiative to establish an intervention engineering service was presented. The main goal of presented intervention service is to help local and state authorities in emergency situations (floods, earthquakes, etc.) and to establish a clear system of organization, which, unfortunately, has not existed so far.

Apart from Kruno, our colleague Andrija also gave his debut lecture on the topic: "Organization of emergency construction of the container settlement "Center of New Life" in Petrinja, after the earthquake on December 29, 2020."
In his lecture, he explained to the audience the project phases and challenges during the construction of the residential part of the settlement, which consists of 90 containers and which was completed in just 35 days. He also presented the Business part of the settlement, which is interesting because it is a unique project of a shopping center that is performed on the principle of modular construction. In addition to the container settlement itself, the lecture highlighted other jobs in which engineers, volunteers gathered around HCPI, showed their skills and knowledge.

We were pleased to see that our lectures were well attended, which showed the great interest of other colleagues in the above topics and presentations of Gark employees.

While we are recalling the beautiful experiences from the just-concluded CCCE Days, we are looking forward to the next meeting and new lectures at the 16th Days of the Croatian Chamber of Civil Engineers in 2022.