Depending on the level of engagement, we perform the following activities:

1) Review and control of cost estimates, participation in the formation of tender documentation

  • Insight into project documentation
  • Review of prepared cost estimates
  • Analysis of the contracting model and adjustment to the specifics of the given investment
  • Preparation (in cooperation with the designers) of the final version of the tender documentation for the tender for the selection of contractors
  • Analysis and processing of submitted bids, reduction of individual elements of the bid to comparable parameters
  • Professional assistance to the investor in the process of selecting the main contractor
  • After selecting the contractor, defining individual details in accordance with its technological capabilities and preparing the final contract cost estimate
  • Analysis and refinement of the dynamic plan offered by the contractor, in accordance with the specific requirements of investors (deadlines, obligations to tenants, etc.)
  • Preparation of the technical part of the contract documentation according to the selected contracting model and harmonization with the legal department of the investor, taking into account the objectives of the selected contracting model
  • Preparation of analyzes and financial projections of investments

2) Consulting activities during the construction process

  • Professional advice to investors during the construction process, when choosing the execution of individual details of construction projects, especially when performing the protection of the construction pit, determining the position of existing installations on the plot, etc. (assistance to the designer and investor in choosing the most favorable solutions).
  • Activities related to the construction process - participation in securing utility connections, organizing geodetic surveys and registration of the constructed condition of the building in the land register, (for the sake of the surveyor) organizing the preparation of floor plans, and all other final activities on the construction project
  • Cooperation with the city utility services in the process of connecting the building to utility connections
  • Preparation of various financial analyzes - monitoring the expenditure of funds during the implementation of the investment
Technical Consulting