Professionalism, conscientiousness and responsibility of supervising engineers is the basis for quality construction process.

We offer services of complete professional supervision over the quality of construction process, electrical and mechanical works during construction based on contractual conditions, technical regulations and customs - with an active presence on the construction site, which includes:

  • Monitoring the main operational construction plan in cooperation with the main contractor
  • Inspection and verification of construction log and assembly log
  • Organization of weekly coordination and preparation of minutes of meeting with a list of obligations of all participants with indicated deadlines for execution
  • Organization of inspections and tests of performed works by authorized organizations in order to obtain positive evaluations and certificates necessary for the successful implementation of technical inspection
  • Preparation of documentation and organization and participation in the technical inspection and other actions necessary to obtain a positive opinion of technical inspection
  • Participation in identifying and eliminating deficiencies of all types of works
  • Preparation of report of final calculation and handover of works
Professional Construction Supervision