Gark Konzalting has many years of experience in managing large and complex projects, which is evident from our references. Our employees have the expertise to manage projects from the conceptual stage to the implementation and construction phase.

We can offer investors a complete construction project management service with the possibility of additional engineering and consulting services tailored to the characteristics of the project and the needs of investors.

Our project management services include:

1. Preparation of projects in close cooperation with the investor and designers, including:

  • Financial analysis and assistance to the client in preparing and making a decision on starting the investment
  • Preparation of a project cost estimate and analysis of the feasibility study
  • Consulting the investor in the process of obtaining permits
  • Monitoring the design process and coordination of designers and investor
  • Analysis and control of prices in designing phase and optimization of costs and deadlines
  • Participation in the tender and contracting of works
  • Technical control and confirmation of complete project technical documentation

2. Management of construction and investment maintenance projects, including:

  • Project management in the construction phase while representing the interests of investors
  • Coordination of expert supervision and all participants in the construction process
  • Monitoring and control of project implementation
  • Risk, time and budget management
  • Monitoring and quality control during construction and controlling the work of professional supervision
  • Coordination of activities on the supply of equipment and materials provided by the Investor
  • Site management service for larger construction sites with a larger number of contractors

3. Document management and project administration

  • Archiving in paper and digital form of all important documents (permits, appointments, minutes, etc.)
  • Receipt and handover of project documentation to contractors and other project participants
  • Keeping the archives of the construction site administration
  • Providing and maintaining the project's cloud server
  • Making analysis of spent resources, preparation of reports, monitoring the number of workers and machines on the construction site
  • Regularly informing all project participants about significant changes related to the situation on the construction site, meetings, investor requirements, etc.
  • Receipt of equipment and materials ordered by the investor and their accompanying documentation

4. Reporting to investors at all stages of the project

  • Maintaining regular weekly coordination with investor representatives
  • Financial monitoring of the project - preparation of regular financial reports
  • Preparation of reports on the progress of works and the number of workers and machines on the construction site (daily, weekly, monthly reports)
  • Monthly reports on submitted requests, status and quantity of extra-cost items
  • Photo-documented reporting on the situation on the construction site (drone footage)
Management, organization and implementation of large investment projects