An important aspect of our work is construction expertise, based on many years of experience in construction practice based on solving many problems in the profession.

As part of the expertise, we perform the following tasks and activities:

Determining the causes of certain events and damages

  • Causes of certain damage to buildings
  • Responsibilities for defects in work performed, equipment, materials

Performance assessment

  • Determining the value of works
  • Subsequent determination of the quantity of works
  • Determining the compliance of works with project and contract documentation

Preliminary provision of evidence of the existing condition of works / condition of real estate

  • When starting work, provide evidence of the condition of neighboring buildings
  • procedures for termination of the contract and before the introduction of a new contractor

Complete expertise of the cause of termination of the contract

  • On larger projects where there have been serious disturbances in the client's relationship with the contractor, designer, supervision and other participants in the project

Real estate appraisals

  • Valuations of construction land
  • Valuations of commercial buildings
  • Valuations of residential buildings

Engaging a court expert in out-of-court settlements saves time and money for parties who choose to resolve disputes in this way (instead of lengthy, costly litigation)

In addition to expertise for private clients, we also provide expertise in numerous court cases in Croatian courts.

Expertise in construction area