The project for the construction of the first IKEA automatic robotic warehouse, on which Gark Konzalting performed expert supervision, is completed.

IKEA Zagreb is the first IKEA store with an implemented innovative automated warehouse system "AutoStore" which increases the capacity of the store to fulfill e-commerce customer orders. Thousands of best-selling IKEA products are stored in buckets, which can be automatically delivered to an IKEA associate in just 15 seconds.

AutoStore, a product of the Swiss company Swisslog, uses small radio-controlled robots to retrieve boxes filled with IKEA products. It can store up to 4 times more products in the same amount of space compared to a normal IKEA storage rack and allows up to 60% more total volume. It is flexible, modular and long-lasting, so it can expand as IKEA operations grow. In addition, it is energy efficient, with 10 robots using the same amount of power as a vacuum cleaner.

Automatic storage system "AutoStore" is designed as an automatic storage space with 5,800 pieces of separate storage units - boxes, which are stacked on top of each other with a vertical grid of aluminum construction for the movement of robots and horizontal aluminum brackets where the boxes are stacked. The boxes are arranged in 8 rows and consist of a total of 725 columns. The warehouse is located on the first floor of a steel load-bearing structure consisting of 30 load-bearing pillars, 4 m high from the ground floor level.

Apart from the fact that this project is unique because it is the first IKEA store to implement this system, it is also unique for a specific fire protection system based on the principle of reduced oxygen concentration, which creates a protected atmosphere in the protected area and reduces fire risk or the spread of fire.

We are very pleased to have been an expert supervisor on such an interesting project with which we continued our successful cooperation with IKEA Croatia Ltd..