About us

GARK KONZALTING d.o.o. was established in 1993.

Curently we have 18 employees (including 14 civil engineers and 1 architect).

Seven of our standing employees have license of „Croatian Chamber of Architects and Civil Engineers“, which is necessary for civil engineers in their performance of duties.

In 2018. we reached annual income in an amount of €1.2 million.

Company is working for public and private local Investors as well for foreign Investors and developers. We also have experience in providing services for foreign consultancy companies as local partner (surveys, analysis’s, consultancy. supervision etc.)
One of our specialities is consulting and technical engineering support towards documentation preparation for international companies on construction bidding in Croatia.
Company has good ratio of experienced and young engineers and we feel capable for any task given within field of Development, Architecture, Civil engineering and Engineering services.

For fields of expertise that are not covered by our company we have long-term permanent external partner companies with years of expertise in its own field.

We are applying ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 standards (link to our Quality, Environmental & Information Security policies).

Our goal is to provide Investor with full service plus close and personal approach in dealing with any project.